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 Mimau: [Help]bypass google account/samsungcloud without wifi and pc
 my-kill: help po mga expert about cwm
 webbs: HELP. auto hide folder problem. j7 core
 tgopksr: Wifi Default Pass Trick
 totz_23gunz: Help naman po myphone33 kahit naka 3g only na nag (E)edge signal
 Groovez: help andoid phone ayaw na mag on
 Pirate_20: (Help) Memory Card Problem
 cutekian09: Help paopenline ng note 2
 bluemoon: [HELP] Huawie y520 - U22
 msolbigueja: [HELP] Auto Restart/Sleep Mode
 janelitz: [HELP] How To Manually Set Internet Configuration on Sony Ericsson G502
 dumperve: [HELP] LG K10 Screen Problem
 Zalvajebet: samsung s4 shv E330S KOREAN VARIENT
 jinyeons: [HELP] Messed up wifi connection
 Genstarwin: unblock sim
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