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 Tambay tayo dito!
 brickz15: [FYI] Smilies Codes on Shout Box / Chat Box / Posts
 babyPowdeR: PinoyDen Attendance Thread
 babyPowdeR: Tambayan Ng Mga Taong Bot Sa Gabi at Araw Pasok! Let's Bot-In Part 5 WAGI THREAD
 103827: Tambayan ng mga Batang 90's (n_n)
 yenter: Post your current mood
 Abyssgurl: Samahan ng Mga Panget (SMP) v7.0
 stuckup24: Dear Thread v5
 em0ter0: What's With Your Username?
 menshop: YOUR [EX] pd tambayan OH YEAH.
 shanks021: Kamusta CRUSH Mo? PART 2
 stuckup24: TAMBAYAN ng mga GUSTO at AYAW with a TWIST
 Darline: (,'')(PD BESTFRIEND)('',) PART 3
 cesyseven7: "ANG PAGBABALIK" ("smart bomber clan")("tadtadan na ulit 1st page updated")
 r48sticks: SMS Bomber Clan Part 2 ( For Globe Users/ Subscribers)
 yenter: TAMBAYAN ng mga BUSY [busy ka saang bagay post mo na] (PART 2)
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