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 NhemFhubby: PD's Hall of Fame
 WishMaster: Freebies and Contest Guidelines
 rbsoriano: Official Avatar of the Week Rules
 rbsoriano: Official Signature of the Week Rules
 Ralphlom: консультаци
 WishMaster: PD New Year annual mini contest
 WishMaster: Official Pinoyden Clash of clans Contest
 1behindbars: Pinoyden Referal Contest (unofficial )
 zaipOt: 2013 Christmas Giftaway!
 WishMaster: [ PLS READ BEFORE POSTING] contest winner. mr and ms pd
 rayoyan1990: Mr and Ms Pinoyden 2013 [discussion thread]
 rayoyan1990: mr and ms. pinoyden 2013 [result]
 rayoyan1990: Mr & Ms pinoyden [voting thread]
 rayoyan1990: Mr and Ms Pinoyden 2013 [nomination thread]
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