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 Themes and customization
 Anrey1030: REQ
 aisha: Berranger hand v7.5D by ihint
 vhinGARCIA: jejemon FONT
 kilot: klavika.ttf[fb font] for v3 v5
 hitman_: s60v3,v5,v2 monster energy font support logos/symbols
 peterpalanas: - Collection of TTF Fonts & Discussion
 winrbrass: [Share] Belle TopBar 320x240 Fixed + 2 Skins
 FRANZKIE: Symbian Phones Showdown
 mcjez15: [HELP] What Font Is This
 scushlorenzdgf: pagandahan ng font
 rjdaxx724: skin BBD anonymous
 rv_cura: [HELP] S60v5] Pano po alisin ang operator logo sa skin ng belletopbar
 Rjmc: [TUT s60v2] editing your font size manually via xplore. With complete guide!
 xychiq17: san60bold font support CN language with SS for s60v2-3!
 kaisercj: Theme Makers' Showroom [Open din sa mga gusto matuto gumawa ng themes]
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