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 Birthdays & Celebrations
 annapotpot: Happy birthday aED!
 quazar1: Happy Teachers Day !
 pusero: [NEW]Sheli-Hapi-bday at hapi aniversary
 Payatoottoot: Happy birthday to me
 babyPowdeR: Happy Birthday Ate Betchay este Superdooper Mod Benjie_03 :party:
 benjie_03: Welcome to Our Newest Moderator Trainee: Menshop, Steelheart34 and BabyPowder!
 babyPowdeR: Happy Birthday Ate Kime (WishMaster) :D :D Para bukas June 12 :P
 ladyboss: Happy 34th Birthday Jigsaw
 ladyboss: Happy 28th <3
 gerrypogi001: birthday
 babyPowdeR: Happy Birthday to da wan & only Paking of PD MagicEarl
 Jigsaw: Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Baby ko !
 demonic098: happy happy bday
 demonic098: happy bday to me!!
 khen-jazz: Happy Birthday to me ^_^
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