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aED: 11-20-11 11:34 AM
Best VPN for android phones and tablet!

Rooted Android 3.x (HoneyComb) and below / No root is required if your using ICS (4.0) and above

For Rooted devices you need a Working tun.ko for your kernel View our list of tun.ko here: http://droidvpn.com/tun-repository.php

Instructions for rooted devices:

1. If your phone is using Android HoneyComb (3.x) or below you need to root your phone first or just upgrade your Android to ICS if you do not want to root your phone. Hit the XDA forums and search on how to root your phone.

2. Register for a new account at our website: http://droidvpn.com/signup.php

    You need to enter a valid email address because we will send your password to your email address.

3. Install DroidVPN. Download it from the Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aed.droidvpn

or Download it from our website


4. Now start the app and enter your Email and Password and tap the "Save my login details" button to continue. (Check your mailbox for the password after signing up)

5. You are now ready to connect. Just tap the large rounded connect button to connect to DroidVPN.

6. Connecting should not take longer than 5 seconds. The text "Connected" will appear once you are connected to our VPN server.

7. That's It you are now connected. To start browsing just tap the Home or Back button on your phone.

TIP: If you want to make sure that you are connected. Tap the menu and select "Check connection".

For Free Internet

If you are going to use DroidVPN for free internet then you need to set your port before connecting. Just go to settings and set the ports below

  Globe will possibly not work anymore try nyo nalang po kung magwowork sa inyo.
  For Globe users:  Set UDP Port 9201 and Bind local port: 52 (Just read the forums for the updated port numbers)

  For Smart users: Set UDP Port 9200 and Bind local port: 53 (Just read the forums for the updated port numbers)

Free users are limited to 100MB/day - Upgrade your account to remove this limitation and get access to all servers

Signature for DroidVPN

Code: [Select]


2.1 - Bug fixes

2.0 - No root mode is now available

1.9 - Released the new GUI

1.6.4 - Fixed the reported force close/reboot errors.
        - Fixed the reported bugs.
        - Added a new option to check if your connection is using DroidVPN.
        - Added a link to our signup page.

1.6  - Fixed the bug causing FCs on some devices.

1.4  - App is now available to android market

1.3  - Fixed the bug where in DroidVPN reconnects when no data is transferred within 60 seconds.
       - Added an option to select the server.
       - Few optimizations and bugfixes

     - This time the hanging bug is fixed for real :p
     - Also fixed the bug for Samsung Galaxy Y users.
     - Fixed the cannot disconnect bug

1.1 - Bugfixes related to the hanging of DroidVPN Engine
     - Fixed the notification
     - DroidVPN no longer requires you to install busybox

1.0 - Initial Beta release

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Pwede ba ang mga hindi rooted na phones? takot kasi ako magroot eh.
A: No. kailangan po talaga ang rooted na phone.

Q: Will you help me root my phone.
A: No.

Q: Ayaw magconnect. Ano gagawin ko?
A: Goto Settings and enable debug logs. And then after connecting you will find a new file in your sdcard "/sdcard/DroidVPN.log" post that file here.

Q: Bakit nagrereboot ang phone ko pag open ng DroidVPN?
A: May mga phones po talagang ganyan. Since hindi pa kami nakakahawak talaga ng phone na may ganyang problem hindi po namin mapinpoint kung ano ang reason kung bakit nagrerestart.

Ang hinala po namin base sa mga iba pang nagreport ay possible na sira ang ROM ng phone pagdating sa paghandle ng tun.ko. May roms po kasi na nagloload ang tun.ko ng walang problema pero pag yun time na gagamitin na sya ng VPN ay nagrerestart na ang phone.

Ang problem po na yan ay wala sa DroidVPN kundi sa phone nyo dahil kahit OpenVPN ang gamitin nyo na nangangailangan din ng tun.ko ay same din ang magiging result at magrerestart din ang phone nyo.

And since nasa phone nyo ang problem ang pwede mo lang gawin para magamit ang DroidVPN or OpenVPN ay ang maginstall ng Custom ROM sa phone mo.

FYI: Mga users na may kapareha kang problema although ibang phone ang gamit nila.

Kung nagfoforce close naman ang DroidVPN ito po ang gawin nyo

1. Pakiinstall po yung alogcat sa market. https://market.android.com/details?id=org.jtb.alogcat

Or this direct link: http://alogcat.googlecode.com/files/alogcat-2.3.apk

2. irun nyo na yung droidvpn at hintaying Magforce close.

3. After magForce Close open nyo yung alogcat tapos, go to the menu and select save. May maisasave na .txt log file sa alogcat folder ng sdcard nyo.

4. Post nyo dito yung file.


ladywar: 11-20-11 11:57 AM
Wow ma try nga thank you sir Aed
jhesiel_28: 11-20-11 12:30 PM
WOw.. DroidVPN Astig ka talaga Sir Aed.. matutuwa yung mga Android user nito..
Jamitot19: 11-20-11 12:43 PM
pagaaralan ko to sir, thank you!
YujinYuz: 11-20-11 01:15 PM
nice naman. pwede ko tong ipakita sa mga teachers ko.

magkano rin po ba ung per month ng DroidVPN? same lang ba with PD Proxy?
zero23: 11-20-11 01:19 PM
abang munA
PD_yAeL23: 11-20-11 01:29 PM
pamarka po sir aed

edit: sir ask ko lang po bibili palang kasi ako ng android..
anong name po ng phone ang compatible dito?
zero23: 11-20-11 01:39 PM
sana mura lang ang pang android para ayos
darkmall23: 11-20-11 01:46 PM
sony erickson x8 xperia andriod froyo panu ko malaalmn na rooted na sya medyu mahina ako sa ganitu eh android din po phone ko na yan
pls po pa assist
zero23: 11-20-11 01:59 PM
Posted by: darkmall23 on 11-20-11 01:46 PM
sony erickson x8 xperia andriod froyo panu ko malaalmn na rooted na sya medyu mahina ako sa ganitu eh android din po phone ko na yan
pls po pa assist

same tayu ng phone pre.. dapat may super user sa apps menu mu.. se xperia x8 gingerbread dx 2.3.7 costom rom ko dual touch..
menger: 11-20-11 02:31 PM
wuupeeee.... hehehe

na yan bossing para macompare ko sa androidvpn premium ko.
wedsio: 11-20-11 02:51 PM
Posted by: aED on 11-20-11 11:34 AM
The engine is already finished

Beta test po muna natin yung mismong engine lang (Hindi kasama GUI para hindi makadagdag sa itrotroubleshoot ang problems sa GUI)

Dapat po yun marunong magtype sa terminal. Simple lang naman ang kailangan nyong gawin.

0. Kailangan rooted ang phone mo. Hindi po pwede ang hindi rooted.

1. Make sure you have busybox installed at /system/xbin (We need ifconfig and route commands)

2. Make sure tun.ko is loaded. Use "lsmod" to verify if its loaded. THen use "insmod /path/to/tun.ko" to load the module

3. Download our DroidVPN binary at its temporary website URL: <soon>

4. Move droidvpn <- the executable file to /data/tmp/droidvpn (You might need to create the tmp folder first)

5. chmod the file "chmod 777 ./droidvpn"

6. Start our vpn "./droidvpn"

7. Wait for the "Succesfully connected" message. Connection on my android only takes less than 5 seconds

NOTE: Hindi pa po uploaded yung file wait lang po muna


Sir aED kapag ka may working version na po, pwede pong magsuggest kayo ng mga phone brand and model na compatible. Mas maganda po sana nokia
menger: 11-20-11 03:10 PM
maisusuggest ni bossing ang LG Optimus P500.
  yan kasi ang gina gamit niya para dito..

Walang Android OS ang nokia.. mataray kasi.. sa winmo sila kumakapit at itatakwil ang symbian in the near 2016...
aED: 11-20-11 03:15 PM
Posted by: menger on 11-20-11 02:31 PM
wuupeeee.... hehehe

na yan bossing para macompare ko sa androidvpn premium ko.
Ano ba ISP mo?

Posted by: wedsio on 11-20-11 02:51 PM
Sir aED kapag ka may working version na po, pwede pong magsuggest kayo ng mga phone brand and model na compatible. Mas maganda po sana nokia
Basta android phone na rooted po. Ewan ko lang kung ano ang mga android phones ng nokia. Ayun nasabi na ni menger wala nga android ang Nokia. Motorola LG Samsung ang HTC kasi karamihan na android ang OS
menger: 11-20-11 03:25 PM
Globe ako bossing.. ..

walang android ang nokia bossing..

may Android ang


walang nokia
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