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PD-Proxy Official thread (Announcement and need to know (for newbies)) - PART 2
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aED: 04-26-12 03:46 PM
Dito po kami magpopost ng mga updates tungkol sa PD-Proxy

Official Website: http://www.pdproxy.com/

Like us on facebook:

Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/pdproxy


1. Para sa mga wala pang account magpunta lang lang kayo dito: https://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm
 Sign up for an account and activate your account using the link that will be emailed to you after signing up. Check your spam folder for our email.

2. Idownload ang bagong version ng PD-Proxy dito: http://www.pdproxy.com/download.htm/

 Iextract ang zip file at ilagay sa desktop para madali ninyong hanapin.
 Ang PD-Proxy ay isang portable na program at hindi na kailangang iinstall. Siguraduhing magkakasama lagi ang laman ng PD-Proxy folder sa iisang folder lamang.

3. Iconnect ang inyong Modem/sim. (Kailangan ng at least 1 peso ang smart or SmartBro) Siguraduhing tama ang inyong profile sa dashboard.

APN: Set to STATIC then type http.globe.com.ph
Access number: *99#

APN: Set to STATIC then type internet
Access number: *99#
Proxy: <leave blank>
Port: <leave blank>

APN: Set to STATIC then type smartbro
Access number: *99#
Proxy: <leave blank>
Port: <leave blank>

4. Irun ang PD-Proxy na nasa loob ng downloaded na folder. Sa unang run ng program, dapat i-run ninyo as administrator.

5. Iset ang port ng PD-Proxy. Goto Settings > Advanced settings > Proto options

For Globe SIM & TM Sim
UDP Port: 9201
Local Port: 52

For Smart Buddy Sim & TnT Sim
UDP Port: 9200 or 80
Local Port: 53

For Smart BRO Sim
UDP Port: 9201
Local Port: 0

6. Iclick ang back button at iclick ang CONNECT button.

6. Hintayin na magconnect ang PD-Proxy bago magbrowse.

Kung Globe/TM user ka visit this thread for updates: http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=153770.0

Kung SmartBuddy/SmartBro/TnT user ka visit this thread for updates: http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=148043.0

Kung SunCellular user ka visit this thread for updates: http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=153519.0


What is PD-Proxy?
Please visit this page for more details: http://www.pdproxy.com/

Latest version of PD-Proxy:
Download Page:http://www.pdproxy.com/download.htm

A detailed instruction on how to use PD-Proxy is here: http://www.pdproxy.com/knowledgebase/how-to-use-pd-proxy-vpn-in-windows-7-1.htm

Check the status of our servers here: http://www.pdproxy.com/server-status.htm

We have resellers, just in case we are busy or we do not offer the payment method that you prefer. Here is the link: http://www.pdproxy.com/resellers.htm

If you forgot your password: https://www.pdproxy.com/forgot-password.htm

If you want to sign up for a free account with 100mb bandwidth limit everyday: http://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm

Limits of PD-Proxy premium account
* You can only download torrent files using our torrent servers. Any user who will be detected downloading torrent files using non-torrent servers will have his account terminated immediately.
* SMTP, RDP and SSH ports are blocked as a small minority where abusing our service. This reduces abuse reports by 99% which means we can get on with making the service better.
* There is a 100MB bandwidth limit on our GAMING Servers since those servers are intended to be used for gaming purposes only.
* Applications that can be used to spam websites like Xrumer, ScrapeBox, SENuke and other simillar programs are strictly prohibited.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't connect to your servers, what should I do ?

A: Login to your account https://www.pdproxy.com/control-panel.htm and check if the username/password you are using is correct.

If your password is correct please send an email to support[at]pdproxy.com with the following details:
1. Your Operating System
2. Server on which you are trying to connect. ex: California 1
3. Error message/code (screen of your error is preferable)
4. Attach your debug log from PD-Proxy. This will help us to understand your problem and solve your connection issue. You will receive an answer in maximum 24 hours.

Q: I Want to try it for free, How can I register?

A: You can create your free account using this page https://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm You need to verify your email first before you can use your account. Sometimes the email is in the SPAM FOLDER of your email, so make sure you check it.

Q: What are the restrictions of your free accounts?

A: You have bandwidth limit of 100MB everyday

Q: I have lost/forgotten my Password?

A: Go to Password Reset Page, enter your email address the captcha code and press reset password. Follow the link given in your email to reset your password.

Q: Is torrent allowed on your servers?

A: We now have torrent servers where downloading of torrent is allowed. If you use other servers that are not designated for torrent downloading, your account will be suspended for 1 hour.

Q: I have a premium account but I cannot connect to your gaming servers?

A: Our gaming servers are limited to 100MB/day

Q: Why can I not connect on certain ports?

A: We have had to block certain ports (25 and 22) as a small minority where abusing our service. This reduces abuse reports by 99% which means we can get on with making the service better!

Q: I am finding connecting slow, why is that?

A: Like any route, congestion can slow what should be a fast connection to a halt. When you connect to our servers you have to go through your ISP who then connects you too us. If it happens to take a route that is either very busy or very long it means your connection will be slow. This can happen anywhere along the route although we monitor our network 24 hours a day to ensure we are not the cause.

Q: I have a stable and high strength of signal on my USB modem but my internet connection is still slow?

A: If you are using a USB Modem to connect to the internet. Having a high strength of signal doesn't mean that network congestion in your ISP will not occur. Your signal can only tell you that you have a good connection from your USB modem to the tower. Network congestion can still occur from your Cellsite tower to the servers/routers of your ISP.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We only accept GCash and PayPal payments.

Q: I want to upgrade my account using PayPal and GCash, how do I do this?

A: Login to your control panel https://www.pdproxy.com/control-panel.htm and then click the Upgrade to premium button. Select the duration of your subscription and then click the Paypal button to pay for your subscription using PayPal.

Q: I want to upgrade my account using GCash, how do I do this

A: For more details on GCash please visit: http://site.globe.com.ph/web/gcash or You can read more info about GCash Here: http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=33489.msg399959#msg399959

If you are ready to subscribe using GCash just visit this link https://www.pdproxy.com/gcash-payment.htm

Q: Where can I find the  list of your resellers?

A: For list of resellers please check this page: http://www.pdproxy.com/resellers.htm

For a complete list of our frequently asked questions please visit:

If you have any questions email us at sales [at] pdproxy.com

Price List:

1 Month   =  P150
3 Months =  P420
6 Months =  P800
1 Year     =  P1500

Unlimited Bandwidth*
Unlimited Download/Upload Speed

*(Gaming servers has a 100MB/day limit)

Enjoy browsing!

francxisz: 04-26-12 05:20 PM
pa subscribed po boss. .

pa rin bilis ni globibo. .
dreddtemptz: 04-26-12 05:31 PM
may bago na palang thread

Thanks po sir aED.
dont4getmyname: 04-26-12 06:01 PM
nice one bossing! fresh na fresh tong thread
badgirl2: 04-26-12 06:06 PM
pamarka din po.
YujinYuz: 04-26-12 08:37 PM
bakit kaya may part 2? hehe. patatak na rin boss.
Jamitot19: 04-26-12 09:23 PM
thanks sa bagong thread sir aed, pa-follow up ko din po ng credits ko
billabong09: 04-26-12 10:54 PM
Marked it, may part 2, may magandang magaganap yata :ty; :salute:
sychoneen: 04-27-12 12:18 AM
PDProxy is the best

pasubscribe aDmin
vergel-bleeD: 04-27-12 09:49 AM
di na po ba madadagdagan yung 100mb nung demo server?
Jamitot19: 04-27-12 11:58 AM
sir Aed, paupdate po ng credits ko, kahapon ng umaga ko pa po nasend kay Ryan Garcia
irah999: 04-27-12 04:08 PM
markahan ko po ito sir ha. . . .hehehe
benjade10: 04-27-12 04:22 PM
pa marka.. :salute:
cyreall: 04-27-12 06:46 PM
wow ang lupet may new thread ang pdproxy more powers!
badgirl2: 04-27-12 07:47 PM
di po ako makapag avail ng 1month unli sa pdproxy kasi laging nabablock sim ko.smartbro po gamit ko kasi walang signal ang globe dito samen.tsk..
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