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Info on "Bandwidth limit reached" on premium accounts.
aED: 07-29-12 03:15 AM
There are two main reasons why your account will get this message.

1 - Spamming

If you are from NIGERIA and you are getting the "bandwidth limit reached" message then there is a 99% probability that our server suspended your account because your account was sending spam/scam mails.

Spamming is strictly forbidden in our network: http://www.pdproxy.com/terms-of-use.htm

So NO, We will no longer restore your account.

If your friend is having that problem then do not login his account on your computer or your account on his computer if you do not want your account to be suspended also. having your account logged in on his computer means that you know the user or you own the same account and most probably you are also using your account in sending spam. So save yourself and do not try to help that user.

2 - Fraud payment
If you used a hacked paypal or credit card account then you will also get the  "account suspended" or this message.

Any new thread that has something to do with bandwidth limit reached will be deleted or locked.

aED: 08-10-12 10:41 AM
For the nth time we will not restore suspended/limited account of users from NIGERIA because of Spam/Scam mails. We will no longer entertain emails with this problem if your account was found sending spam or your friend or client was found sending spam and your account was affected then you need to look somewhere else for a new VPN account.

If you are reselling our service then you need to make sure that you are only selling it to a person which will not use it for illegal activities because we will not be liable if all your clients will be affected.

This spammers/scammers/hackers using our service has really created a big damage on our business in the past few weeks.

Our decision is final, we need to do this to protect our business. If this still continues we will be forced to only offer our service from selected countries.

Second update

Within a span of 3 hours we received more than 10 Spam reports on our DEMO SERVER so we decided to block Nigerian IPs on that server. Other servers will also be updated to block Nigerian IPs if we still get more Spam reports.

To all resellers be cautious in selling accounts from Nigerian users. Before selling vouchers to them make sure that they are not having the "bandwidth limit error". If they reported that they are getting the "bandwidth limit error" then do not use that account on your computer.

Do not email us anymore of their usernames since we will no longer check those accounts. We've had enough of those spammers and scammers.

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