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boyagila080: 05-11-09 12:42 AM


Administrator- The administrators (short form: "admin") manage the technical details required for running the site.

Current member(s):
1. aED

What we do: (responsibilities)

1. They may promote (and demote) members to moderators, members to other user group members.
2. Manage the rules, create sections and sub-sections, as well as perform any database operations (database backup etc).
3.  Administrators may also make forum-wide announcements, or change the appearance or the theme/skin of a forum.
4. All of the privileges that a regular or a super moderator had an administrator has.
5. He has all the powers in the forum.

Super Moderator

Super Moderator- These members are ones that stand out in the Pinoyden community who lend helping hands, were previously Moderators and know the site very well.

Current member(s):
1. sucram
2. rbsoriano
3. WishMaster
4. benjie_03

What we can do: (responsibilties)

1. Has all the powers of a normal Moderator in a site-wide scope, along with a few more.
2. Can access all of the boards.
3. Responsibilities of a normal moderator is also its responsibilities.

Moderator- The moderators (short singular form: "mod") are users of the forum which are granted access to the posts and threads.

Current member(s):
1. aizon1777
2. archieve
3. Chal
4. Datu
5. Eugz
6. komwari
7. komwarior
8. NhemFhubby
9. yenter

What we can do: (responsibilities)

1. Keeping the forum clean (neutralising spam and spambots (if have) etc).
2. They have access to all posts and threads in their area of responsibility.
3. Answer users' concerns about the forum, general questions, as well as responding to specific complaints.
4. Privileges that a Moderator include: deleting, merging, moving, and splitting of posts and threads; closing, renaming, stickying of threads; banning, unbanning, warning the members; or adding, editing, removing the polls of threads.

Qualifications for joining
    * Must have no active infractions or warnings.
    * Knows very well the Forum Guidelines.
    * Have been a member for at least two months and made at least 100 quality posts.
    * Must have at least 5 reputation points.
boyagila080: 05-11-09 12:43 AM

GFX Artist User Group

What is GFX Artist User Group?
GFX Artist is the official graphics provider group of They are responsible in providing graphic designs and graphic arts to the site and its members including avatars, signatures, wallpapers, tutorials, as well as resources and samples.

What we do:
Qualifications for joining:
Current Members:.

boyagila080: 05-11-09 12:45 AM

Pinoy Den Agent

Ano ang Pinoy Den Agent Group
Namamahala sa pag promote at pag advertise ng PD sa ibat ibang forums,blogs at pagkalap ng miyembro sa pamamagitan ng kanilang referral links.

Anong ginagawa namen:Qualifications for joining:Current Member:
Group Moderator : WishMaster

boyagila080: 05-11-09 12:52 AM

Pd Uploader

Description - dedicated and active member that provides alternative Download link. Grants requests in some selected board.

Current Members:
1. sucram (group leader)
2. warbeast
3. cliqueker
4. jincloud
5. romel_emperado
6. abuanmark
7. message
8. 103827
9. intel_man1985
10. namelezz
11. pee-jay
12. traf

What we do:
1. Grants requests in some selected boards:
     a. PC Zone Request
     b. Video Downloads
     c. Adult Zone request
2. We fixed only broken links we mirrored.
3. Attached files less than 10mb
4. Upload files in selected hosting sites such as: Mediafire, Easy-share, 4shared, Geocities and other free host site.
5. We provide alternative links in file hosted in Rapidshare, Megaupload
6. promote Pinoyden by attaching the READ This first.rar (inside: link directing to PD )

what we DO NOT do:
1. Sending or informing the requester that their request(s) is finished.
2. Mirror files not posted in Pinoyden.
3. Convert files.
4. Asking the author to re-upload thread.
5. hi-jack thread.

Membership requirements:
1. Must have at least 20 own topics.
2. Provider of alternative link for at least 2weeks already
3. Fast Internet connection ( pwede naman kahit hindi basta ba handa ka magtagal)
4. must be active in Pinoyden for atleast 2months already.
5. Knows how to use WinZIP, WinRAR, and other file compressing applications.
6. No warnings/Infractions or not a watched member.
7. Must have at least 10 successful mirrored file.
8. 4-6hrs spent online everyday (preferably)
9. Member of this group who is not active for 4weeks and member who does not perform their duty will be terminated.

** Requirements for joining are subject for change without prior notice.
membership are subject for approval by the group leader
rbsoriano: 05-12-09 01:03 PM

Donator User Group

What is Donator User Group?
Donator is the exclusive group for monetary helpers and contributors of They are the members or persons behind the continuing existence of the site. Because of the funds accumulated to them through donations, the Administrator has been able to lessen his personal expenses for the site which includes resources, increasing bandwidth costs, hosting service and domain registration fees. By donating a minimum of 20$ or 1000PHP, you will be a member of this group, and in addition, you can access additional forum features and privileges which are not available to normal users.

Special features include:

dhUgz: 08-01-09 06:13 PM

PD MoD Maker

Description:Group of dedicated PD members who are knowledgeable in cracking and/or modifying mobile applications, regardless of whether the application is written in Java or Symbian and the main objective of this group is to share their modified mobile applications.
Current Members: (7) Obligations and Responsibilities: a. The thread should have a instruction on getting the modified apps or games to work.b. Compatible handsets.c. Provide a direct download links of the files. Qualifications for joining: Note:Qualifications may change at any time without notice.
WishMaster: 09-08-10 04:11 AM

PD Tehnical Support

They are those members who are responsible in resolving problems posted in PC/mobile help and support.

Current Member(s) Responsibilities Qualifications for joining
khen-jazz: 07-19-14 08:04 PM
Pa re upload ng Important Read This file
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