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[Updated-jellybean4.2.2firm0523]CHERRY MOBILE-FUBO-fusionBOLT
skeptronz: 09-02-13 04:11 PM
Flash Fusion Bolt to Ainol's Novo 7 Venus ROM v0523/stock

-- pick one and download the Venus firmware here:
CM FuBo stock rom (optional) 3.8.17
-kung gusto nyo bumalik sa orig stock rom, wag kalimutan i-rename ang recovery.img sa rec.img
0523 firmware:
Delete Chinese characters in the extracted folder before flashing
0428 firmware:
0428 alternate link:
Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmwares:
0417 firmware:
0407 firmware:
Jelly Bean 4.1.1 firmwares:
0428 firmware:
0428 alternate link:
0328 firmware:
0328 alternative link (fast download):
0203 firmware:
0131 firmware:
0110 firmware:
-- i-download niyo ang firmware diyan sa link na yan.
-- download the flashing tool + driver here:
-- i-download niyo ang flashing tool + driver diyan sa link na yan.


1. Once you have downloaded the two archived files, extract them in a folder of your choice.
Pag nadownload niyo na ang dalawang file, extract niyo kung saan niyo gusto.
2. Turn off your tablet. While the tablet is off, hold the Volume Up button and plug the tablet into your PC. Once the PC detects your tablet as an unknown device, you may let go of the Volume Up button.
I-off niyo tablet niyo. Pag naka-off na, hold niyo yung Volume Up na button tapos i-plug niyo sa PC yung tablet. Pag nadetect na ng PC ninyo ang tablet bilang isang unknown device, pwede niyo nang bitawan ang Volume Up button.
3. Go to Device Manager, and right-click the unknown device (your tablet). Click Update Driver Software, then click the option "Browse my computer for driver software". Choose the directory of the extracted archive of the flashing tool, Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool > Driver. If in case this does not work, you may try installing this driver: (credits to Edcel Abiera for uploading it)
Punta kayo sa Device Manager, tapos i-right click niyo ang unknown device (tablet niyo). Click niyo yung Update Driver Software, tapos click niyo "Browse my computer for driver software". Piliin niyo yung directory ng na-extract niyo sa flashing tool, Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool > Driver. Kung sakaling hindi ito gumana, pwede niyong subukan ang driver na ito: (credits kay Edcel Abiera sa pagupload nito)

4. Once the drivers have been installed, go to the folder of your extracted flashing tool, Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool > Product, and open MainApp.
Pag nainstall niyo na ang drivers, puntahan niyo yung folder ng flashing tool, Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool > Product, tapos buksan niyo yung MainApp.
5. Once the flashing tool is open, it will prompt a window. Here, you will select the firmware file, which is in the folder where you extracted the archived firmware file. The firmware filename by default is jellybean_atm7029_7_a_xxxxxx.fw (xxxxxx is the date of your firmware, which can be 130110, 130131, or 130203). After that, click Replace.
Pag nagbukas na ang flashing tool, may lalabas na window. Dito mo pipiliin ang firmware file na nasa folder kung saan mo inextract yung firmware file. Ang pangalan ng firmware file ay jellybean_atm7029_7_a_xxxxxx.fw (xxxxxx ay ang date ng firmware. Pwede ito maging 130110, 130131, or 130203). Pagkatapos nun, click Replace.
6. On the right side of the app window, you will see Basical Config and Multiple Partition Image. For Basical Config, make sure EVERYTHING is CHECKED (PRODUCTION, FLASH_ERASE, FLASH_READ_CHECK, AUTOMATION). For Multiple Partition Image, leave BOOT Partition as is. For RECOVERY Partition, click Image, and select rec.img. For MISC Partition, click Image, and select misc.img. For SYSTEM Partition, click Image, and select system.img. All of this would be checked by default once files have been selected.
Sa kanang parte ng app, makikita niyo ang Basical Config at Multiple Partition Image. Para sa Basical Config, siguraduhin niyo na LAHAT ay NAKACHECK (PRODUCTION, FLASH_ERASE, FLASH_READ_CHECK, AUTOMATION). Para sa Multiple Partition Image, iwan niyo lang ang BOOT Partition. Sa RECOVERY Partition, click niyo yung Image, tapos piliin niyo ang rec.img. Para sa MISC Partition, click niyo yung Image, tapos piliin niyo ang misc.img. Para sa SYSTEM Partition, click niyo yung Image, tapos piliin niyo ang system.img. Lahat ng partition ay machecheck na agad pag napili niyo na ang mga files.


7. Click DOWN and wait for the process to finish. Once it has finished, disconnect your tablet from the PC and hold the power button for around 8-10 seconds, then let go. The tablet should now boot up with new firmware.
I-click ang DOWN at hintayin na matapos ang proseso. Pag natapos na, tanggalin niyo na ang tablet sa PC niyo at i-hold ang power button for around 8-10 seconds, tapos bitaw. Mag-o-on dapat ang tablet sa bagong firmware.

2. I DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY PERFORMANCE BOOSTS ONCE YOU INSTALL AINOL'S FIRMWARE. Based on my personal experience, I've noticed a small performance boost in terms of gaming. Again, I do not guarantee that this will give you the same effect.

1. Mawawala po ba ang warranty ko pag nagflash ako nito sa CMFB ko?
-- Opo, mawawala ang warranty niyo, not unless magkaroon ang CM ng update for CMFB and/or may magupload ng stock ROM backup sa group, but until then, yes, void ang warranty niyo. I would advise those concerned with warranty to not flash this ROM.

2. Ano pong Windows version ang kailangan ko po gamitin for the flashing tool?
-- You can use any Windows version for the flashing tool, preferably XP, Vista (32-bit/64-bit), and 7 (32-bit/64-bit). Currently, there are no reports on those who have used the flashing tool on Windows 8.
3. Marereformat po ba ang CMFB ko pag nagflash ako ng firmware?
-- Yes, flashing new firmware to CMFB will automatically wipe all your data. I suggest downloading GO Backup from Play Store to create a full backup. After backing all your data up, back the data up to your PC, so that your backup data will not be erased as you flash the new firmware.

4. Ano ang pinakadabest na firmware sa listahan ng firmware dito?
-- Most users find the 0328 version to be the best version sa ngayon.

5. Nagbubootloop ako after flashing. Paano yun?
-- You can try flashing again, or, I suggest going to recovery mode and wipe data/factory reset. Instructions can be found in ma'am Ish's comment on this post:
6. Chinese ang language! Paano palitan?
-- Go to Settings (alam niyo naman siguro icon niyan), tapos hanapin niyo yung logo na may letter A. After that, pick the first option and select English (United States).
7. Ano 'tong ainol_mp_apk.img sa 0110/0131? Ang laki naman ng size, di na gagamitin?
-- Ayon kay sir Jigs Geronimo, Chinese apps ng Ainol po iyan. Wag niyo na po galawin yan. Bloatware lang yan.
*to avoid having problems when swapping your 32gb class 10 sdcard(recommended sdcard and speed/class) DO NOT update FS Explorer, go to FS Explorer, look for the settings, then root setting and CHECK all boxes so that you can edit the vold.fstab file immediately on the \etc folder. After updating vold.fstab you can now proceed updating FSExplorer
Wag agad mag update ng FS Explorer para ma-set nyo agad yung "root settings" nito kung sakaling gusto nyong mag swap ng sdcard(gagamitin
nyo yung 32gb class 10 sdcard instead of the 8gb. punta kayo sa File Explorer
tapos settings-root settings-check nyo lahat-allow root para ma edit nyo ang vold.fstab sa \etc folder
This ends the flashing tutorial. Questions may be asked (if any) in the comments.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt - Porting Back the Stock ROM [Tagalog]

take note :TRY YOUR OWN RISK!!!! FUBO user
raprap0623: 01-12-18 02:03 PM
pre pahelp baka may firmware fusion air dyan. palink po
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