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[TUT] How to Jailbreak Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+
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jepz04: 09-28-15 05:13 PM
These are instruction on how to jailbreak your iphone iOS 8.1.3 - 8.3 using taig for windows

if your aren't  already at iOS 8.3 we suggest upgrading to the latest firmware using itunes yo can find download link for iOS 8.3

pls. Note that you must update using itunes rather than solfware update if you used solftware update you should do a backup then restore to iOS 8.3 using itunes.

Step 1. Create an iclarified folder on your desktop download the latest version of TAIG into the folder. If your download is a zip file then extract the archive into the same folder.

Step 2. Tap setting from your springboard then select touch ID and passcode. Turn passcode OFF if it is enabled.

Step 3. Press the settings button at the top lelf to turn to the settings menu. Choose icloud from the setting menu,then select find my iphone from the icloud menu. Ensure the find my iphone switch is the OFF position.

Step 4. Connect your iphone to the computer via a usb cable. Launch itune,and perform a manual backup. It is very important that you remember to backup your device. Before continuing as you could lose your data if the jailbreak process does not complete successfully.

Step 5. Double click the TAIG JAILBREAK executabe from the iclarified folder on your desktop to launch the application.

Step 6. You will notice the device is detected by the solfware uncheck the bottom check box to prevent the TAIG APP STORE from the being installed then click the large green button to being your jailbreak.

Step 7. The TAIG APP will now begin the jailbreak process

Step 8. Once the jailbreak has completed successfully,you will be show a green smile face,your iphone will reboot and a cydia app will appear on your springboard congratulation,you're now jailbroken.

Antichrist: 10-16-15 04:45 PM
hi naka iPhone 6 ako 8.4 help para ma jail break and free net nadin ditto sa uae
jepz04: 10-16-15 09:08 PM
Search mo sa google taig then download
avenom: 11-05-15 10:16 PM
Hahay.. Nka 9.1 na ako
jepz04: 11-12-15 03:20 PM
wow!! congtz!!
deanarrenz: 11-13-15 11:46 AM
Hi😊 iphone 6s plus user po ako dini sa Dubai kelangan po ba talaga yang jailbreak?
jepz04: 11-13-15 03:56 PM
depende lang sau.anu ba probz ang iphone 6s sau. kung gusto mo jailbroken yan ang iphone 6s,kailangan idownload mo muna taig jailbreak apps yan sa pc.
keneth22: 11-13-15 04:05 PM
eto kailngan ko di kaya mag ka defective iphone ko dito? i am i5s user.. ano ba ung icloud? ano ba mga recomended.. tnx
jepz04: 11-13-15 06:00 PM
kung my accnt ka sa icloud,turn off your icloud para di sya maglock.kung my issue man ang icloud sa iphone,kailangan jailbroken tlga and removed ur icloud.
Antichrist: 11-18-15 03:35 PM
9.1 din ako tumipid sa bat
jepz04: 11-19-15 08:23 AM
Ok.. My alam ba kau free net sa iphone
keneth22: 02-01-16 03:09 AM
8.4 pa lang ako.. maganda ba pag jailbreak?
rustybrain: 02-04-16 10:52 PM
Sir @jepz04, paAsk po, pwd po ba maJailbreak ang Softbank iPhone 4S Running iOS 8.3 from Japan po,? newbie lng po sa iOS
keneth22: 02-05-16 05:30 AM
may nka jailbreak na ba using this method? need pa ba ng net access for this procedure?
jepz04: 02-06-16 07:42 PM
Oo.nid mo tlga net para magka jailbroken ang iphone mo.

Dami ya ng tanong sakin about icloud. Ang icloud ay itunes account yan ung nagka register kau sa itunes. Kung register kau sa itunes. Wag kau kalimutan ang code kc yan ang importante sa itunes kung ng lock ang icloud nyo.
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