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P9 Monochrome Mode
htfan: 08-12-16 08:37 AM
There’s a reason why the Huawei P9 were launched with two dual cameras at the back. One lens is to capture details in colour &

the other in black & white form. It features a unique monochrome mode with a dedicated ISP (Image Signal Processing) sensor to

acquire more detail in black & white. A monochrome sensor is only interested in how much light is coming in at any given point

and doesn't have to concern itself with what colour the light is.

All you have to do to activate the monochrome is by opening up the camera and swipe to the right to enter camera modes.

Select Monochrome & wallahhh you are ready to shoot amazing photos with this mode.

As you can see, the Monochrome mode also works within the Pro-Mode. You can manually adjust the settings to enhance the image &

play around to get the best output.

From my observation, the monochrome mode is best used for close up shot. It will capture more details with better gradation of

blacks and the details are sharper and clearer as the blacks stand out more compared to medium - long shot.
Rozalialet: 10-26-17 08:30 AM
Ive had the same issue.

No error when unzipping the file.

I get the monochrome mode when I have a person selected and right click on the fridge. The same happens when I right click on a person and then click on the box above their head.

Also, when I push esc a black box with only the word exit appears.

EDIT: Re-downloaded and still having the same issues.
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