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On The Go With Nexus 6P
htfan: 10-27-16 09:36 AM
In recent years, the USB drive has become a primary mode on transfering files between hardwares. However not all Android devices are capable off & support the Micro USB drive. Fortunately, the Nexus 6P comes with the USB OTG(On The Go) feature.

Just to recap, the Nexus 6P comes with these specifications:
5.7-inch touch screen supporting auto rotation
2K AMOLED screen display
12 MP auto focus camera, supporting laser-assisted autofocus
Support 3 microphones with noise cancellation
Dual front-facing stereo speakers
Large capacity battery
Fingerprint solution
OTG function

USB On-The-Go is really just a micro USB cable that runs out to a female USB port. You plug it into your Nexus 6P, and it effectively gives your device a USB port. Now you can use a slew of different gadgets that weren’t necessarily designed with Android interface in mind.

There aren't really any establish instructions or information you can find for USB OTG. However you migh just grab & try the OTG with different devices for trial & error. To make it simpler, here are some of the things you could do with the USB OTG feature. Among it are using it as a card reader,transferring pictures or videos from your camera to your phone, connecting it to a keyboard, control your camera functions, mouse, hard drive, thumbdrive and ethernet adapters. But this also depends on the third party hardware manufacturer to enable the feature.

You just need to purchase a USB-OTG cable or a USB OTG adapter as this does not include with the device.

Drake_kulah05: 02-22-17 08:13 AM
paps.. ung huawei y5ii hindi mka read ng otg.  panu kya sulotion dito...? TIA
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