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Huawei EMUI 5.0 New Revamped Camera Interface!
TempayanFan: 12-01-16 02:38 PM
For a certain group of smartphone users, bigger means better, and they're going to want the most feature-packed smartphone they can get – with a wholesome nifty camera features enough to feed them daily astonishing images without hassle.

All of that leads us to the next topic, the Camera Interface. It has been polished & revamped to give users a whole new level of user experience.

As you can see above, in EMUI 5.0, the camera UI has been revamped to give it a more solid & enhanced experience for users. The icons are simplified & looking more precise than previous version

You can compare it with the previous EMUI 4.0 below.

Plug–in Management
The camera now supports plug-in management, meaning that infrequently use modes, like document readjustment, watermark or audio note are presented as plug-ins to save internal memory on the phone. Users can add modes by clicking more and delete added modes by clicking Edit Pencil Icon.

All the modes in the camera app will come together with modes information for better user understanding of different modes offered. Now it’s easier for beginner users to select which modes that suits their usage or scenery.

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