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Do you know FRP on your Android phone? - Factory Reset Protection
TempayanFan: 12-29-16 02:16 PM
We use our mobile phones every day, any time of the day & wherever we go. However in the case of mishaps such as the phone got stolen, user’s information are at risk. FRP is an ingenuitive security method by Google to ensure that in case of stolen or lost phone, the device can’t simply be wiped or erased.

- FRP is the abbreviation for Factory Reset Protection, which is set up by Google to protect user's information security. This characteristic function is available on Android 5.1 and above system version.

- When the customer powers on his/her phone the first time, it will remind to add and log in with a Google account, and then FRP will be running automatically (Or go to Settings -> Accounts -> Add an account/ log in through Google play store).

When will FRP work?
Untrusted factory reset will trigger FRP. In this case, data on the internal storage would still be erased, but the “Authentication Token” would be retained in the phone. The phone can’t be used normally unless the right account and password are verified.


How to start up phone in FRP condition?
If the user encounters crash, user can use power button plus volume button (depends on your phone) to execute factory reset. When the mobile phone has been reset, user needs to input Google account and password to verify whether the untrusted factory reset is executed by the phone owner or not.
•   Scenario 1 : Remember Google account and password - Input the info and device will reboot
•   Scenario 2 : Forget Google account or password - Please visit
•   Retrieve your account name or password using the security information you set during registration. If you still can't find your account name or password back, please contact Google customer service.

Can I disable FRP?
There are two ways for users to disable this function :
Method 1: Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Remove existing Google accounts

Method 2: Go to Settings -> Developer options-> allow  Enable OEM unlock

Google are getting better in securing our devices aren’t they?. Hope this will be useful for you guys!
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