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Things you need to know about your battery!
TempayanFan: 12-30-16 03:21 PM
When asked about the most annoying thing about smartphones, more than half of users are likely to say the battery life is too short. Indeed, in the wake of increasingly powerful processors, larger screen sizes and improved functionality, battery life has taken a hit.

How to increase battery life using the settings:
1.Turn off Bluetooth. As long as Bluetooth is enabled, it will continue to consume battery power, and it also transmits some viruses. Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it.

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2.Don't turn on the auto-sync feature until you need it. Android's auto-sync is very useful, but it will frequently use your Internet connection. Turn it off when not needed to prolong battery life.

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3.Turn off Wi-Fi when it is not needed. Wi-Fi is also very useful, but it is normally only needed when you are at home or in the office. If Wi-Fi is on, your phone will constantly search for available networks. Disable it when it is not needed or go to the Wi-Fi advanced settings and turn off Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

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4.Turn off keypad tones and haptic feedback. These features will consume additional battery power when you carry out operations on your phone. As they are not essential, turn them off to increase battery life.

5.Turn off vibrations. The motor used to power them consumes a considerable amount of battery, so turn them off when not required.

6.Reduce the screen brightness as much as possible. Maximum brightness is not normally required and is one of the worst culprits for draining the battery. Reducing brightness is therefore one of the best ways to increase battery life.

7.Turn off GPS. In most situations, GPS is not normally required, so turn it off when you finish using a map service.

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dodz_27: 09-05-18 05:22 AM
thanks sa info
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