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Tips on What WiFi+ can do
TempayanFan: 01-06-17 09:17 AM
Most of us may have stumbled upon the WiFi+ setting in their mobile device (for example a Honor device) but do you actually know what does it actually do? When Wi-Fi+ is enabled, your Wi-Fi connectivity will be evaluated to provide smart network switching .
Wi-Fi+ will automatically:
   Switches between Wi-Fi and mobile data to provide a smooth internet experience.
   Turns on Wi-Fi when in range of a known Wi-Fi network and connects to it.
   Evaluates available Wi-Fi networks. Device will not auto-connect to save networks without an internet connection.

There will have a reminder when the phone switches from a Wi-Fi network to a mobile data network. You can disable these prompts by selecting Do Not Remind Again.

Some usage scenarios example:

1.When user walks into a known Wi-Fi range, Wi-Fi+ will automatically turn on Wi-Fi and connect. When leaving the Wi-Fi range, Wi-Fi+ automatically shut down Wi-Fi
2.Based on previous connection history, when there are several available Wi-Fi ,Wi-Fi+ will automatically turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the one with the most strong signal strength.
3.When the signal strength of Wi-Fi is weaker than mobile data, Wi-Fi+ will not turn on Wi-Fi. Otherwise, Wi-Fi+ will help to automatically turn on Wi-Fi and connect.

There are two ways for users to enable the WiFi+ function:
First method is by Click " Settings - > WLAN-> Wi-Fi+ " to turn on and off.

Second method is by Click "Settings ->More ->Link+->Wi-Fi+ -> Wi-Fi+ settings " to turn on and off.

I have tried it & it works great! Any comments?
JcBoy: 01-06-17 01:29 PM
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