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Stand on the truth... Church revival! (Devil attacks and End times)
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James307: 09-05-17 06:48 PM
"I call on my brother and sisters in Christ to stand for the truth of the Word of God... Let the Holy Spirit guide us as we see the days are coming... To share the gospel at all cost in person and even in social media... We see the devil that he use the atheist and the cults to attack us and the Word of God... Let us stand together to tell the World of Christ sacrifice to attain salvation... the trinity, the fundamental teachings of the Bible, the atonement by Grace of God, the Church (Local and the Universal Church)... the Baptism and the Lord Supper... To tell the unbelievers of the gospel and to continue the STAND ON THE TRUTH against Satan attacks... STOP SIN AND EVIL IN THE SOCIETY NAGDADALA ITO NG KAHIRAPAN, KAPAHAMAKAN, KARAHASAN AT KALAMIDAD."

UNITY OF ALL CHRISTIANS... (The Church which is the body of Christ as Christ is the head of the Church... Time is running let us run the race until we reach the finish line.)

Conservative Pinoy Christians!

Visit www.gotquestions.org for Bible answers... www.thebereans.net and www.carm.org to see religious cults profile.


Visit Gotquestions.org for Bible answers... Carm.org and thebereans.net to see religious cults profile.

cycle19: 09-07-17 09:11 PM
Ang sabi ng biblia ay ito.

"Na binulag ng dios ng sanglibutang ito ang mga pagiisip ng mga hindi nagsisisampalataya, upang sa kanila'y huwag sumilang ang kaliwanagan ng evangelio ng kaluwalhatian ni Cristo, na siyang larawan ng Dios."
(2 Corinthians 4:4)

"Kayong mga mangangalunya, hindi baga ninyo nalalaman na ang pakikipagkaibigan sa sanglibutan ay pakikipagaway sa Dios? Sinoman ngang magibig na maging kaibigan ng sanglibutan ay nagiging kaaway ng Dios."
(James 4:4)

"Nalalaman natin na tayo'y sa Dios at ang buong sanglibutan ay nakahilig sa masama."
(1 John 5:19)

"At sinabi sa kaniya ng diablo, Sa iyo'y ibibigay ko ang lahat ng kapamahalaang ito, at ang kaluwalhatian nila: sapagka't ito'y naibigay na sa akin; at ibibigay ko kung kanino ko ibig."
(Luke 4:6)

"Ngayon ang paghatol sa sanglibutang ito: ngayon ang prinsipe ng sanglibutang ito ay palalayasin."
(John 12:31)

"Hindi na ako magsasalita pa ng marami sa inyo, sapagka't dumarating ang prinsipe ng sanglibutan: at siya'y walang anoman sa akin;"
(John 14:30)

systematic: 09-07-17 11:29 PM
Ventus37: 09-18-17 12:26 PM
saan galing yung revival?
ano yung irerevival mo ? church ba talaga kuno? 
Ventus37: 09-24-17 08:52 PM
ngayon ko lng nabasa ng buo ito
hinahadlangan pala ng ts ang itinakda
James307: 11-22-17 10:55 PM
"What is The Old Path / Members Church of God International / Ang Dating Daan?"

Answer: The Old Path is the radio and TV program of Eliseo Soriano, the founder of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), based in the Philippines. The Tagalog name of The Old Path is Ang Dating Daan (ADD). The Members Church of God International should be considered a Christian cult, due to its denial of some orthodox biblical doctrines and its exclusivity.

Eliseo Soriano, called by members of his church “Brother Eli,” was a disciple of the late Nicolas Perez, the founder and presiding minister of “Church of God in Christ Jesus, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth,” another religious organization that separated from the “Church of God,” founded by Felix Manalo. Soriano goes by the title of “Overall Servant”; he also refers to himself as “Wise One,” “Walking Bible,” “Modern Jeremiah,” “Appointed One,” and “He Who Holds the Key.” Soriano has lived in exile from the Philippines since 2005 due to legal challenges, including charges of slander and an accusation of homosexual rape.

Eli Soriano boldly proclaims himself “the most sensible preacher of all time.” Soriano makes use of television, radio, and social media programs utilizing a question-and-answer method to propagate his teachings. His method of biblical interpretation is extremely literalistic, but he does not utilize sound hermeneutical principles. The Members Church of God International has no written statement of faith, which may be due to the fact that Soriano often contradicts his own teachings. Soriano is also known for his profanity, spitting, and bad-mouthing of his debate opponents on live TV.

The Members Church of God International runs many charities in the fields of medicine, education, environmentalism, and social work. Overshadowing its charitable work, however, is the organization’s false doctrine. Members Church of God International teaches its own version of Docetism. Soriano teaches that Jesus is not a human being but only God and that Jesus only seemed to be human. This false teaching is refuted by 1 John 4:2–3, “This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.” The apostle John essentially says that the belief that Jesus Christ did not become a true human being is anti-Christian.

Soriano doesn’t believe in the doctrine of the Trinity; instead, the Members Church of God International teaches that God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit are only “three powers in heaven.” According to Soriano, Christ is only a “mighty God,” not the “Almighty God,” while the Holy Spirit is only a literal power of God.

Members Church of God International also teaches the following:

– God has human body parts like arms, eyes, and feet. But God has no knees, since He will not worship any other gods (there are many gods according to Soriano). Scripture says that the true God has no physical body parts for He is Spirit (John 4:24).

– God is residing in His own planet somewhere in the universe. This teaching is somewhat similar to the Mormon doctrine that the gods who came down to earth were residing near a planet named Kolob.

– God is not omnipresent. He can choose to be in one place and absent in another. This flatly contradicts the teaching of the Bible, which says God is omnipresent. “‘Am I only a God nearby,’ declares the Lord, ‘and not a God far away? Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?’ declares the Lord. ‘Do not I fill heaven and earth?’ declares the Lord” (Jeremiah 23:23–24).

– Salvation comes through joining the Members Church of God International, being baptized, and performing works of righteousness. Consider this statement taken from Soriano’s website: “We believe that God is calling His people with determination to serve Him, bringing them in His fold, teaching them righteousness after baptism for their sins to be covered by the priceless blood of Christ poured in Mount Calvary, for the redemption of sin, to make them qualify for life eternal in heaven.” MCGI’s gospel is work-based, highlighting what man must do to be saved. In contrast, the Bible teaches that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone: “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8–9).

– Celebration of feasts and Christmas are forms of idolatry, according to the Members Church of God International. MCGI also bans going to the movies and drinking alcoholic beverages, and women are prohibited from wearing make-up, wearing pants and tight shirts, and cutting their hair.

Many of the Members Church of God International’s doctrines are unbiblical. And there is certainly nothing in Soriano’s harangues of opponents that accords with the biblical instruction that a pastor “must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful” (2 Timothy 2:24).The popularity of The Old Path and the humanitarian work of MCGI notwithstanding, the Members Church of God International should be avoided.

Recommended Resource: The Kingdom of the Cults, revised and updated edition
Ventus37: 11-23-17 11:21 PM
jan magaling yung ts sa pag kakalkal ng

pero yung church revival na na may exclamation ba yun? sa engish ? e hindi parin nya naipapaliwanag . ano kaya yung irerevival nya ano kaya version na diyan ?
James307: 11-24-17 03:02 PM
Ano ba ang Church Revival in Simple Christian terms? Ano ka ba Kristiano ka ba talaga?

Revival refers to a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer. It encompasses the resurfacing of a love for God, an appreciation of God's holiness, a passion for His Word and His church, a convicting awareness of personal and corporate sin, a spirit of humility, and a desire for repentance and growth in righteousness. Revival invigorates and sometimes deepens a believer's faith, opening his or her eyes to the truth in a fresh, new way. It generally involves the connotation of a fresh start with a clean slate, marking a new beginning of a life lived in obedience to God. Revival breaks the charm and power of the world, which blinds the eyes of men, and generates both the will and power to live in the world but not of the world.

In the USA, the first revival, also called the First Great Awakening, produced an upsurge of devotion among Protestants in the 1730s and 1740s, carving a permanent mark on American religion. It resulted from authoritative preaching that deeply moved the church members with a convicting awareness of personal guilt and the awesome nature of salvation through Christ. Breaking away from dry ritual and rote ceremony, the Great Awakening made Christianity intensely personal to the average person, as it should be, by creating a deep emotional need for relationship with Christ.

Revival, in many respects, replicates the believer's experience when he or she is saved. It is initiated by a prompting of the Holy Spirit, creating an awareness of something missing or wrong in the believer's life that can only be righted by God. In turn, the Christian must respond from the heart, acknowledging his or her need. Then, in a powerful way, the Holy Spirit draws back the veil the world has cast over the truth, allowing the believers to fully see themselves in comparison to God's majesty and holiness. Obviously, such comparisons bring great humility, but also great awe of God and His truly amazing grace (Isaiah 6:5). Unlike the original conversion experience that brings about a new relationship to God, however, revival represents a restoration of fellowship with God, the relationship having been retained even though the believer had pulled away for a time.

God, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to revival in a number of situations. Christ's letters to the seven churches reveal some circumstances that may necessitate revival. In the letter to Ephesus, Christ praised the church for their perseverance and discernment, but He stated that they had forsaken their first love (Revelation 2:4-5). Many times as the excitement of acceptance to Christ grows cold, we lose the zeal that we had at first. We become bogged down in the ritual, going through the motions, but we no longer experience the joy of serving Christ. Revival helps restore that first love and passion for Christ. Revelation 2:10-11 refers to the church at Smyrna, which was suffering intense persecution. The cares and worries of life can beat us down, leaving us emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. Revival can lift us up to new hope and faith.

Revelation 2:14-16 talks about the problem of compromise with the world and incorporating worldly values into our belief systems. Revival helps us to rightly discern what values we should hold. Revelation 2:20-23 discusses the problem of tolerating false teaching in our churches. We need to examine the messages that we hear and compare them to the message of the Bible. Revival helps us to find the truth. Revelation 3:1-6 describes a dead church, a church that goes through the motions outwardly, but there is nothing underneath. Here is a picture of nominal Christianity, outwardly prosperous, busy with the externals of religious activity, but devoid of spiritual life and power. Revival helps to resuscitate spiritual life. In Revelation 3:11, we are further warned against complacency, a life that does not bear fruit. All of these scenarios call for revival.

The evidence of revival, a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon believers, is changed lives. Great movements toward righteousness, evangelism, and social justice occur. Believers are once again spending time in prayer and reading and obeying God’s Word. Believers begin to powerfully use their spiritual gifts. There is confession of sin and repentance.

Recommended Resource: Biblical Christian revival: How You Can Work with God to Build a Faithful Church by Gary McIntosh
cycle19: 11-25-17 02:42 PM
Saan ba nasusulat yang church revival na yan.

Sino ba ang tama ang mga sinasabi mo o yung nakasulat?

Ang sabi ng Panginoon ay ito...

"Dahil dito magsiyaon nga kayo, at gawin ninyong mga alagad ang lahat ng mga bansa, na sila'y inyong bautismuhan sa pangalan ng Ama at ng Anak at ng Espiritu Santo:
Na ituro ninyo sa kanila na kanilang ganapin ang lahat ng mga bagay na iniutos ko sa inyo: at narito, ako'y sumasa inyong palagi, hanggang sa katapusan ng sanglibutan."
(Matthew 28:19-20)

Hindi kailanman nawala ang salita ng Dios sa salibutan.

"Lilipas ang langit at ang lupa, ngunit ang aking mga salita ay mananatili magpakailanman.”
(Mateo 24:35)

Ventus37: 11-25-17 07:23 PM
kakaumay basahin yung refference nya . kung saan saan kumukuha ng
James307: 11-25-17 09:49 PM
Church revival is restoration of the Church tandaan nating ilang ulit sinabi ni Kristo ang patungkol sa pagbabalik loob at pag usbong ulit ng Israel.

Maliwanag ito ay revival. Bakit? Church which is lukewarm in revelation was warn by God if they will not change or the Church na hindi magbalik sa kanilang unang pag-ibig.

This is the Work of the Holy Ghost. Ewan ko bakit hindi ito nararanasan ng mga walang alam sa Salita ng Diyos SIMPLE LANG PO IBIG SABIHIN HINDI SILA MANANAMPALATAYA NI KRISTO AT DI NILA ALAM ANG KAHULUGAN NG SPIRITUAL GROWTH AT PAG-UNLAD NG CHURCH.

Kaya nga may Mission at may Church planting! bakit hindi pa ba ito sapat at kulang pa ang mga reference para ipaliwanag bakit napakahalaga na maitatag at maipangaral ang ebanghelyo sa buong mundo?

Parang prodigal son na kailangang maibalik sa tamang landas at ang mga hudyo na maibalik sa tamang pagsamba kay YAHWEH para maibalik sila tama at sa mga naitapong mga Hudyo.

Ang iglesia ay nangangailangan ng pagbabalik sa unang pag-ibig at para sa pagpapalawig ng ebanghelyo.
kopecool: 11-25-17 10:42 PM
Sino po si yahweh....sya po ba ang tinatawag nilang GOD?
Ventus37: 11-26-17 05:59 AM
Posted by: James307 on 11-25-17 09:49 PM
Church revival is restoration of the Church tandaan nating ilang ulit sinabi ni Kristo ang patungkol sa pagbabalik loob at pag usbong ulit ng Israel.
hoy mangkanor
matagal nang naitatag muli ang church . ano ka hilo?
James307: 11-26-17 11:29 AM
Revival ang tinutukoy ko dahil ang lukewarm Church ay dapat mapaningas muli.
Ventus37: 11-26-17 08:26 PM
Church revival is restoration of the church

ikaw nag sabi nyan ..
naiintindihan mo baga yung "is" na ginamit mo sa pangungusap mo?
bakit may restoration ka nakatype ha
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