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Earn $0.05 - $0.15 per click with SerpClix
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ethanfx: 09-06-17 02:23 PM

How to get paid?
Visit a site for 15-30 seconds and GET PAID!

Mozilla Firefox
SerpClix Extension

Minimum Payment is $2

Payment period
At the end of the Month

Mode of Payment[/highlight]
Thru PayPal

Tips and Tricks
1. Visit your dashboard every 6 hours, since the websites will respawn every 6 hours after being clicked.
2. You don't have to stay in the website after clicking the link.
3. Don't use any VPN
4. Checking time, 6 am, 12 pm, 6 pm, 12 am. Yan para ma maximize mo total earnings. This is really good for those people who are working online.

More details visit this video on youtube

Proof of Payment

ethanfx: 09-07-17 04:12 PM
UP ko lang ngayon, andaming orders.
ethanfx: 09-08-17 04:40 PM
andaming orders ngayon. 
ethanfx: 09-09-17 06:57 PM
up lang po. sa mga wala pang account register na kayo 
ethanfx: 09-10-17 02:44 PM
up ko lang po today
ethanfx: 09-12-17 12:40 AM
up ko lang po today. daming orders ah. 
ethanfx: 09-13-17 03:17 PM
may apat na orders ngayon. check nyo every 6 hours to maximize your daily earning. You can earn up to $0.5 - $1 in your spare time. !!
ethanfx: 09-15-17 12:12 AM
andaming orders ngayon 
ethanfx: 09-15-17 06:20 PM
up ko lang ho ulit 
ethanfx: 09-16-17 01:56 PM
  Up ko lang po today.
ethanfx: 09-17-17 12:10 AM
daming orders ngayon.
ethanfx: 09-17-17 09:49 PM
up ko lang ho sobrang daming orders talaga halos maka $1 everyday na ako. 
ethanfx: 09-18-17 09:05 AM
up ko lang po. payment every end of the month mga masters 
ethanfx: 09-18-17 11:49 PM
up ko lang ulet mga paps, 10 more days before payday   
borick12: 09-19-17 10:33 AM
Tanong lang po my paypal account ako pero wala akong credit card na nakalagay don. pwede parin bang gamitin?
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