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[HELP]Sky Broadband Default Pass
JessonscopE: 09-19-17 03:46 PM
mga kapd kapag pupunta ako sa i.p add ng sky broadband router namin ano po ba username at password dun para maedit ko po password ng wifi namin?
JessonscopE: 11-04-17 09:57 PM
paUP po sana may makatulong
Dishwasher: 11-24-17 02:03 PM
puro nmber ang password nyan 9 digit at ng sisimula sa nmber 6
podedi: 12-24-17 08:03 AM
No user name, password is "admin"
kiztian: 01-19-18 10:00 PM

ka pd Username is the last 6 digit of your MAC address of your Cable modem and password is the serial number of the modem or leave the username field blank and type in ADMIN as the password. Kindly use direct connection not the wifi.
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