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Affordable Premium Web hosting as low as 5 Pesos per Month |
devb21: 09-29-17 04:54 PM
Pinascloud Web Hosting Services

Are you in need of affordable web hosting?
You come at the right place!
Check out some of my Deals!

Current Promotions:
1. PHCTLAUNCH2017 - PLUTO = Free 1 Year Hosting


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PLUTO - as low as Php 5.00 per Month
Disk Space: 200 MB SSD
Bandwidth: 7000 MB
Addon Domains: 1
Parked Domains: 1
Email Accounts: 3
FTP Accounts: 3
Databases: 2
30.00 Pesos(6 months) or
55.00 Pesos(1 year)
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NEPTUNE - as low as Php 8.00 per Month
Disk Space: 1000 MB SSD
Bandwidth: 10000 MB
Addon Domains: 3
Parked Domains: 5
Email Accounts: 10
FTP Accounts: 5
Databases: 10
60.00 Pesos(6 months) or
100.00 Pesos(1 year)
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Saturn - as low as Php 10.00 per Month
Disk Space: 5000 MB SSD
Bandwidth: 100000 MB
Addon Domains: 7
Parked Domains: 10
Email Accounts: 25
FTP Accounts: 10
Databases: 20
85.00 Pesos(6 months) or
130.00 Pesos(1 year)
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Jupiter - as low as Php 17.00 per Month
Disk Space: 10000 MB SSD
Bandwidth: 300000 MB
Addon Domains: 20
Parked Domains: 25
Email Accounts: 50
FTP Accounts: 20
Databases: 50
130.00 Pesos(6 months) or
210.00 Pesos(1 year)
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All Webhosting plan includes:

We accept Payments via Bitcoins, ,
7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier and GCash

Questions? PM me or email via services [at]
Pacifika: 10-11-17 09:01 PM
How much po kapag unlimited bandwith saka unlimited disk space?
Gelo10: 10-15-17 08:36 PM
Wow...nice job... And nice marketing..
Pacifika: 10-17-17 02:37 AM
kaso bakit laging down??
KellyzoG: 11-22-17 12:39 PM
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Karenrep: 11-23-17 09:31 AM
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