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(Help) Memory Card Problem
Pirate_20: 10-28-17 02:11 PM
pa Help naman mga ka pd kung anong pwedeng gawin. Hindi maalis alis yung lahat ng laman sa memory card ko kahit anong format ko,  laging bumabalik. Iniscan ko narin sa laptop pero wala parin effect.. pahelp naman sa nakakaalam. Sana may tumulong. salamat
zenithy: 11-05-17 10:24 PM
Try mo  i format via command prompt
    1. Press Start / Run.
    2. Type 'cmd' press the OK button.
    3. This will launch the MS-DOS window and prompt.
    4. Type format *: /fs:FAT32 or NTFS (* represents the drive letter that windows recognises the card as)
    5.  Press return and follow the onscreen prompts.
    6. Once the routine is complete type EXIT.
feed back ka if working sayo
Pirate_20: 11-10-17 01:26 PM
ah cge try ko po, boss
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