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Im New Here ~Desu
toshiro9117: 11-28-17 03:10 PM
  Hi Im New Here!!!

Nc To Meet You All 

Yakuza_Princess: 11-28-17 09:57 PM
here at Toshiro
noklang: 12-01-17 12:39 PM
welcome sa PD. bisita ka din sa iba. pag tinatamad kana dito, ingat ka lng masyadong sensitib yung mga mod dito. mas mganda sa iba. tsaka d na masyado active dito.
SexSexSex: 12-01-17 02:30 PM
Spam pa noklang
babyPowdeR: 12-03-17 04:03 AM
for joining us here

+1 repu added for your 1st repu
jeclover18: 12-22-17 03:31 AM

Hi there! Welcome to PD!
Why are you here? What made you join PD? Yeah, a lot of things. I know, I know. You want to learn new things. And yes, you're on the right track by choosing PD as one of your home online! PD has many useful and entertaining threads to start of. You won't be dissapointed at how this site got a lot of interesting forums. Go on now. Explore PD and reap its glorious promises!!!

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