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aizon1777: 03-03-10 02:56 PM
This thread will act as a portal para sa mga tamad maghalungkat at gumamit ng search engine ng PD..

Para ito sa ating mga bagong members na hindi pa masyado kabisado ang site..

I've used the url format: sa link, kung sakaling mapunta ka sa Log in page, please take time to read this: CLICK ME

kung may gusto kayo idagdag, just post it here together with the link, just make sure na kapakipakinabang ang topic na yun..

1. General Discussions & Reference
1.1. Free Text Using
1.2. Adobe Flash on Phone, All Questions Answered
1.3. N-Gage Games Compatibility
1.4. Nokia Software Updater
1.5. Wapsite Making Tutorial
1.6. Recover Your Deleted Text Messages
1.7. Cellphone Tricks & Codes
1.8. Increase Phone Memory by 5MB for s60v3
1.9. Change Your Operator Logo without Oplogo Application and Reboot
1.10. Upgrade N73 Classic to Music Edition
1.11. Convert your K750i to W800i
1.12. Update Nokia Firmware
1.13. Solution to N70's defective 3G
1.14. Change active connection while browsing
1.15. Removing a virus manually
1.16. How-to use phone as modem
1.17. Battery Revival (Refrigerator trick)
1.18. Out of memory?
1.19. Signing OM 4.2
1.20. Hidden menu in SE Phones
1.21. Lost MMC Password?
1.22. Recover files from a malfunctioning MMC
1.23. Modding/Reflashing Sony Ericsson Phones
1.24. Change Your Operator Logo without Reboot
1.25. Opera 8.65 Trial Version Reset
1.26. Shift from UMTS to GSM without Reboot

2. All About Memory Card
2.1. Corrupted MMC Solution
2.2. MMC Unlocker & Password Remover
2.3. MMC Write Protected Solution

3. Modifying Applications Reference (a.k.a. Modding)
3.1. Basic Modding Tutorial by Sir aED
3.2. Modding Tutorial, the EASY way
3.3. Modding 101 - Feb6th - Using InClassTranslator (PC)
3.4. Splash Screen Modding via CP
3.5. OM 4.2 Skin Editing
3.6. Editing Splash via Zntxhan
3.7. Modifying Opera 10 Tutorial
3.8. How to Use MiniCommander
3.9. How to Use Powergrasp
3.10. Modding via CP with Tools
3.11. Modding 101 - Making Multi-ME Application (PC)
3.12. Modding 101 - Customizing OperaMini4.2 Splash Screen (PC)
3.13. editing operamini server using CLASS TRANSLATOR.JAR and MINICOMMANDER (CP)
3.14. April 27th - Detailed OperaMini4.2 Skining
3.15 translating java games tutorial
aizon1777: 03-03-10 02:57 PM

4. UBT/FBT Discussions & References
4.1. UBT/FBT 101 for Newbies
4.2. Get Smart Connection Settings Through Sim Connect
4.3. OM 4.2 MultiWindow Shortcuts
4.4. How to Create an Access Point s60 Nokia
4.5. Restoring Connection Settings after Formatting

5. Cellphone Unit Discussions
5.1. s40 version 5
5.2. s60 OS7
5.3. Sony Erickson Phones
5.4. Nokia N70
5.5. Nokia 3110c
5.6. Nokia 6120c
5.7. Samsung E250
5.8. s40 Phone List
5.9. s60 Phone List
5.10. Nokia 6630
aizon1777: 03-03-10 02:57 PM
Unsorted and Assorted

1. Micro SD Password Removal Trick

litemint: 03-03-10 03:02 PM
Heto po pang add sa Modding

Modding 101 - Feb6th - Using InClassTranslator (PC)
aizon1777: 03-03-10 06:11 PM

Thank you tol lite..
LORD_THOR: 03-04-10 10:10 PM
Wow naman bro aiz ok eto ah parang drive through lang ah
Seft20: 03-05-10 02:00 PM
hello.. may bago ba kau themes for s6ov1?
Proxtot: 03-05-10 09:12 PM
Huwaw! Angas nito aiz.. Wala ng pahirapan sa pag hahalungkat.. Lalo na sa mga tamad, hehe
IceAndDark: 03-06-10 01:27 PM
Wow naman salamat dito.
blindbomb: 03-06-10 04:03 PM
Sir padagdag naman po ng imei yung para malaman kung sa made yung phone hindi ko po kasi makita.
aizon1777: 03-06-10 06:20 PM
Okay dude.. Pakiwait na lang.. Naghahalungkat lang din kasi ako.. Hehe
ed_ab23: 03-12-10 03:12 PM
astig ang mga threads and tutorials dito...cgurado madami ako matututunan nito...
metaldragon17: 03-15-10 06:11 PM
Paki add narin yung modifying opera 8.65 ko
aizon1777: 03-15-10 09:14 PM
Penge ng link..
MEETWINE: 03-16-10 11:34 AM
wow ang ganda naman ng topic na toh' dame ko natutunan
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