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Gamot sa Tulo or STD

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guys talaga bang may nalabas na puti na malagkit sa pe** ng babae? medyo makati sya..anu kaya yun?

oo yun yun!

After meals po ba ang pag inom ng zithromax? Tapos after 2 days po siguradong mawawala na po ba ang tulo? Kung hindi pa, tuloy parin po ba ang pag inom nito? Or stop na? -____-

Posted by: hunter on 01-07-12 11:36 PM>>>>oo yun yun!
<<<<Boss ano yun?

Posted by: junemyrielled on 01-09-12 02:11 PM>>>> After meals po ba ang pag inom ng zithromax? Tapos after 2 days po siguradong mawawala na po ba ang tulo? Kung hindi pa, tuloy parin po ba ang pag inom nito? Or stop na? -____-
<<<<reminders wag basta basta inom ng inom ng gamot na walang proper prescription or hindi ka muna magkonsulta sa doctor. Imbes na gumaling ka baka mapasama pa dulot sayo niyan brod.

tol help me give me the best advice ano ang gamot na pwdi kung inumin para sa tulo kakasimula palang 4days na sya ngaun,first two days i feel hurt inside in my dick and  yesterday and today  i see na may lumalabas na may kulay na didikit sa brief ko at nalaman ko na tulo na pala.please help me tol.ano ang gagawin ko at kung kailangan ako pumunta sa doctor saang clinic sana ung mura lang tol please help me this is my first time na nagkatulo 4days na ngaun....pls reply am waiting am from pasay

buti na lang medyo namimili din ako kahit pano..

nakakamatay ba yan? Ano ba pinagkaiba ng tulo sa aid?

kelangan i excercise ata.kelangan ilabas lahat ng nasa loob

A macrolide antibiotic, Zithromax is used to treat bacterial infections of the skin, respiratory tract and urinary tract.
How the drug is taken?
Zithriomax comes in tablet and oral suspension forms. Zithromax tablet has to be used one hour before food or two hours after meals. On the other hand, Zithromax oral suspension can be used with food or in empty stomach.
When you are on Zithromax medication, never stop the medicine in the midst of a dosage after you see some improvements. If you want better results, complete the whole dosage.
What about missed dose/overdose
There is nothing to worry if a dose is missed. You can have the missed dose as soon as you relaise it. Well, if it is almost time for the next dosage, never take the missed drug. Taking two Zithromax drug can only complicatre things.
Well, if you feel of having taken a Zithromax overdose,immediately contact your physician. The overdose Zithromax symptoms include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and stomach upset.
What to discuss with the doctor
It is that you are advised to use Zithromax after consulting the doctor. When talking to your doctortalk about all the health conditions, both present andpast. This will give an idea tothe doctor about Zithromax prescription.
The doctor might go for dosage adjustments and also may perform special tests if you have the following health conditions:heart rhythm disorders, liver/kidney problems, myasthenia gravis and history of Long QT syndrome.
If pregnant/breastfeeding
It is not yet known if Zithromax drug will have an adverse impact on the foetus or the new born babe. But even then it is good to infiorm the doctor if you are pregnant or hoping to conceive soon. If you cannot avoid breast feeding, then you have to discuss with the doctor about all the risks involved to your new born.
What should be avoided
Certain drugs are known to interact with Zithromax. Youshould have to discuss with trhe physician about all the drugs that you are using before the doctor prescribes Zithromax. Moreover,. If you have to start any new medication better tell the doctor.
Zithromax should not be taken if you are using any antacid.
After taking Zithromax, you should have to go out in the sun only after applying som sunscrean lotion or cream asthe drug is sensitive to sunlight.
Side effects
As like all medicines, Zithromax also comes with allergies and side effects. Stop taking Zithromax and contact the doctor as soon as possible if you have any allergies like hives, breathingdifficulty and swelling.
Certain serious side effects one can expereince after taking Zithromax include diarrhea (watery or bloody), dark urine, nausea, chest pain, uneven heartbeats, stomach pain, fever, clay-colored stools, fever and sore throat.
The Lesser known serious side effects include vomiting, mild nausea, constipation, stomach pain, dizziness, headache, tired feeling, nervous feeling, insomnia, mild itching, vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, ringing in ears and hearing problms. DAME PALA SIDE EPEKS NYAN BETTER TO CONSULT UR TRUSTED DOCTOR. KXE SLA NAKAKA ALAM NG LAHAT AT KUNG MANGHUHULA KA LANG NG GAMOT BKA LUMALA PA.

ako kagabi ko lang napansin may lumalabas sakin... tapos para akong may kulani...
para din akong lalagnatin...

abahh hala

anu ba yan pinapasok nanaman ako sa wetpaks.sigurado tag tulo na ulet ito!

SaanoNg clinic ba dapat mgtanong about sa tulo..?

^^ anu nga ba?


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