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Nokia N8 12MP Xenon Flash Users Thread
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Mabsen: 09-09-10 01:48 PM
UPDATE: October 24, 2010
WOW! Got my new Nokia N8 12-megapixel cam phone na kahapon from Nokia Store and it's Silver color so cool!!! Because this is a pre-order phone (meaning not yet released, only released to those who pre-ordered it) they have freebies for us first 800 pre-orderers, freebies are 16GB USB thumbdrive and a string bag, it's really worth it!!!
It's really amazing and great phone. The 12-megapixel camera is just so superb. Honestly, the best camera phone in the market so far. Kahit gabi super clear ang mga kuha na pix and still enjoying it and exploring it right now. No regrets, just full of suprises. I really highly recommend this to you if you have plans buying new phone. Just amazing.
Some of its great features:
12-megapixel camera with xenon flash
HD 720P video recording
16GB internal memory (expandable with 32GB micro memory card)
FM Transmitter (can be used to play music via your car's player if your car doesnt have FM or you forgot to bring ur fave CD)
USB-on-the-GO (you can insert USB and transfer or copy files and even play music/movies in your phone via your USB thumbdrive
Anodized (scratch-resistant) aluminium casing (available in Silver white, Dark grey, Orange, Lime Green and Aqua Blue)
3.5 inches AMOLED screen (capacitive touch screen)
Compass (Magnetometer)
Proximity sensor, Ambient light detector & Orientation sensor (Accelerometer)
HDMI (to connect your phone and play it on your HD TV)
HSDPA Cat9, maximum speed up to 10.2 Mbps
Listen-to-text (you can listen the message in your inbox)
and a hundred more new features...
it's just simply AMAZING PHONE!!!

So, do you have one? Let's share our experience here!

FIRST POST: September 09, 2010
Even though it is not yet released, I've created this thread early for this will be my next phone. This will be released on October. I'm so excited to experience a 12 megapixel camera phone with Xenon flash and an HD video recording, with 16GB of internal memory, usb-on-the-go and amazing video editing and photo editing features and super a lot more. So so so excited. Isn't it obvious? Ahaha! 
Anyway, I locked this thread, I'll just unlock this during the release of this amazing phone this October or as soon as I have this in my hand
Til then! See you this October! 
eizer_cruz: 09-09-10 01:50 PM
aba masmagada ba yan kisa sa n900 
lennon18: 09-09-10 01:52 PM
sa xmas mag kkrooon ako nyan
brokencyde13: 09-09-10 01:55 PM
ang pangarap na bitwin..
Mabsen: 10-24-10 07:42 AM
Topic Unlocked!!!

Got my new Nokia N8 phone na, see my first post above for the updates...
chrissulayao: 10-24-10 08:39 AM
Waw., kainggit ka naman ts. Congrats!
Mabsen: 10-24-10 08:42 AM
thanks, I strongly recommend this phone. Buy ka na pagrelease nito next week ata. hehe!
francxisz: 10-24-10 08:47 AM
wow!. .rich si otor. .magkano ba yan??.around 30-40?. .
topgun: 10-24-10 09:12 AM
tol mabsen plan ko din na palitan tong tube ko ng N8 hehehe...magkano ba ngayon yan tol? 23k?
Laxcy20: 10-24-10 09:52 AM
Wow ang yaman nyo naman kakainggit naman kayo makakabili siguro ko nyan mga year 2013 pa haha.. N82 lang cp huhu...
eager_man: 10-24-10 11:17 AM
23,699 nabasa ko sa yugatech at pre orders pa lang yun.
g_who: 10-24-10 11:40 AM
Swerte m0 naman tol. Sana magkaron din ako nyan.
arfhel09: 10-24-10 11:52 AM
pag navaledictorian ako yan hihingin kong regalo
francxisz: 10-24-10 02:10 PM
di naman pala ganun ka mahal. .kala ko abot 30+.
topgun: 10-24-10 10:27 PM
d naman yan pareho ng apple over exagerated mag price...
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